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Valentine's Day Breakable Ideas

No one wants to have their heart broken on Valentine's Day unless they're getting this super cool breakable heart from my friends at CakEffect in Hoover & Tuscaloosa.

You simply give CakEffect whatever you want to put inside of this edible, chocolate heart and when your Sweetie use this hammer, it breaks and a surprise awaits you! As you can see I HAD a cupcake and candies! But you can put a ring, car keys, poem or whatever you want to say "I Love You" on the inside!

Who knows she may just put a single man inside! At least that's my wish!

Now, if you just can't make up your mind, get them the Sweetheart Box which has decorative cupcakes & cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, & hot cocoa bomb .

Now if you'd like me to take you to CakEffect, then book your #EatDrinkRIde #FoodTour as they're the official dessert stop!



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