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Fiesta, Chicken Salad & Pies

Fiesta Birmingham is one of the biggest day long event that celebrates Hispanic culture, music and food! And being the foodie that I am, it is one of my favorite holidays to try a variety of spicy foods while listening to some great music in the park. I showcased 2 food vendors who will be cooking up some good eats. Taco Morro Loco & Mi Pueblo Supermarket will be on hand making authentic tacos and tamales.

When it comes to sweet potato pies, Patti LaBelle is not the only one who can make you hit a high note. A new Birmingham startup company Edolyn’s Pies can also satisfy your sweet tooth with her sweet potato, lemon chess and pecan pie. She’s been usually her family recipe that’s been around to help put her through medical school.

Another startup is Shelia’s Southern Chicken Salad which also makes her delicious chicken salad in Chef’s Workshop in Birmingham. It is a top seller from her catering menu and comes in a variety of sizes.

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