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Cheers at The Wine Loft

The Wine Loft is known for a great place for drinks as it has more than 200 varieties of wine. And it’s also a great downtown location for networking, but the food during Birmingham Restaurant Week is a #musttry reason. They have a steal of a deal with a 3 course meal for only $20. The first course was a choice of Caprese Salad or Truffle Hummus. I opted for the hummus which was served with warm pita bread. It has a very rich, smooth and creamy taste which took the pre-hungry edge off.

Hummus and pita bread
Hummus & pita bread

The entrée options were a BLT served with chips and spring mix or Asian style braised pork belly over fettuccine pasta with a side of asparagus wrapped in prosciutto. Since I had the BLT sliders the night before at Wine-o-logy, I opted for the pork belly. Can I say that was one of the best decisions I made all day. It was packed full of Thai flavors in a light sauce with a balsamic reduction over the pasta. Each bite just melted in my mouth. It was like heaven on a plate. I wanted to ask the server if she had another piece of the pork belly. The asparagus was perfectly cooked and the prosciutto gave it the extra bit of ump to make me want more of the green veggie. Now, I was taken aback when the restaurant owner Mike told me the meal was not only his recipe, but he was also the cook. That was the moment I wanted to get on his bff list.

Pork belly over fettuccine with asparagus

Pork belly over fettuccine with asparagus

Dessert wasn’t a hard choice for me as the options were: Tiramisu over a bed of milk chocolate with vanilla ice cream or baked apple empanadas with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream. I had the empanadas at another event before at the Wine Loft. So I thought since apples are a fruit, I figured I could score with a healthy-er dessert! It was incredible! The warm empanadas came with a big scoop of ice cream & was drizzled with pork reduction which resembled a bold red wine flavor.

Vanilla Ice Cream & Apple Empanada

I’m so glad I chose the Wine Loft as my final stop to end BRW because it was so nice and quiet when I arrived early. It gave me the chance to wind down and relax after a busy week. I wasn’t overly surprised how good the food is seeing it is a bar since I’ve eaten there over the years and was never disappointed. The staff was amazing and very attentive.

2200 1st Ave N #100, Birmingham, AL

If you are looking for an after hour place to hold an event, social, networking or for a glass of your favorite wine, I’d definitely keep them in mind. Also note this fancy is meal is only for #BRW as they typically serve flat breads, salads & sandwiches on the regular menu starting at 5 pm.

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