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Hot Tacos, Hot Pizza & Cold Brew

Nashville Hot Chicken is burning up restaurant menus here in the Magic City. You can find it on everything from fried chicken to pizza and tacos. So this week, we bow down to the spicy bird!

Our 1st stop is on a flat taco which is translated from Spanish simply means a tostada. Tostadas restaurant however is in the former Jackson's location in Soho Square in Homewood, Al. Their menu is a variety of Mexican American goodness on a nice size flat taco shell.

Nashville Hot Chicken Tostada

Featured on the show is the Nashville Hot Chicken Tostada which is a pile of spicy chicken on a bed of cold slaw along with onions & peppers. Be sure to cool off with one of their delicious Margaritas or decent desserts.

Cookie Dough Eggroll & Ice Cream

Nashville Hot Chicken is also a new menu item at Donato's Pizza in Vestavia, AL. The 20 year old chain is the only one in the area & they're known for their edge to edge toppings on every pizza. That way, you can get some of their specialty toppings in each bite.

Donatos Nashville Hot Chicken Pizza

Like any other spicy dish, these slices also move the meter on the thermostat. But they try to cool you down with the ranch and pickles. If you're a person on the go, you might want to check out their new calzones which is just right for eating and driving!

Finally, you can cool off with delicious local brew in downtown Birmingham from Birmingham District Brewing Company. They brew it all the brewery and have a wide range of flavors for people like me who doesn't like a beer flavor to more citrus palate such as Margarita.

Also, if you feel like taking some with you, just fill it up in their crawlers!

Be sure to hop on one of my Bham Eat.Drink.Ride #FoodTours and I can take you to all of these amazing spots.

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